Nasty Juice

£4 each or 3 for £10
50/50 10ml
Available in 3mg, 6mg and 12mg

Blue Retro
A delicious sweet pink and blue bubblegum treat.
Custard Appeal
A full flavoured orange mixed with a sweet vanilla custard vape.
An orgasmic vape of blue raspberry, grape and bubblegum mix with a fresh lime twist.
A sweet melon flavour with a splash of lemonade to tickle the taste buds.
An all round morning favourite of sweet and full bodied orange juice flavour.
A wonderful array of mixed fruits to please both ends of the spectrum.
A creamy zesty mix of delicious fruit loop cereal flavour.
A twist of sweet and zesty citrus fruits from a loved summer classic.
Well Baked
An addictive combination of cherries, almonds and cake to make the perfect cherry bakewell flavour.
Yellow Mirage
A creamy vape of sweet and tart lemon meringue flavour.

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